Manifesting the masters!

A sharp and precise sword will make the battle many folds easier… This was evident at our School campus on Friday (13.10.2023).

In the bustling Suresh Memorial Hall of Zion School, district educational officer, Mr. Chandra Kumar presided over a meeting of principals from various schools in the district.

The room was abuzz with anticipation as school leaders gathered to discuss crucial matters related to education.
Mr. Chandra Kumar, DEO, a figure of authority, opened the meeting with a warm welcome, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and shared goals in the pursuit of educational excellence. He underscored the district’s commitment to providing quality education to every student.

The principals, a diverse group representing both urban and rural institutions, shared their experiences and concerns. They discussed curriculum enhancements, student performance, and teacher development. The exchange of ideas was lively, with each principal contributing valuable insights.

All in all the program was a great eye opener and energy booster to ensure the growth of educational standards in Kodaikanal and Zion is proud to be an epicenter to the initiative.

Cheers to all!