Tuition Fee

To receive information about the 2021-22 school Year Fee schedule , please  feel free to drop a mail at

Application Fee

All new Applications to Zion international (CBSE) School must be accompanished by an Application Fee. The application review process will not start untill the Application Fee has been Settled. The Fee is One-time and non-refundable.

  • Download Application form after paying INR 1000/- as Application Fee through online payment or pay INR 1000/- Application Fee in person and collect Application form from Front Office.
  • Fill out and submit the Application Form by post or in person.
  • Attach a Passport Size Photograph of the applicant on the application form.
  • Submit original Transfer Certificate from the previous institution.
  • Submit copies of the applicant’s Birth Certificate, Community Certificate, Nativity Certificate, Aadhar Card and Ration Card.
  • Submit original Migration Certificate. (NOTE: Not necessary for all. Please check with admissions counselor if required.)
  • Pay necessary Tuition Fees.
  • Kick off your journey at Zion and get ready for an experience of a lifetime

Day Scholar:

Rs 6,000 towards establishment fee and a refundable/interest free caution deposit of Rs 4,000 is compulsory for every new admission. Rs 2,000 is to be paid towards PTA. Day students must make full payment either at the time of admission or on the re-opening day of the academic year. Payments can also be made in four installments, before the 10th of the following  months i.e., June, August, October & February. Late payments will be collected with penalty. 


Rs 10,000 towards establishment fee  and a refundable/intrest fee caution deposit of  Rs 10,000 is compulsory for every new admission. Rs 10,000  is to be  paid towards PTA. (please  refer to the enclosed fee schedule for the annual fee).