Zion is a haven for diversity as evidenced by the coming together of students from multiple countries, making education a truly global experience.

Apart from academic excellence and scholastic brilliance, Zion lays emphasis on personality development and character building through a myriad of extra-curricular activities and programs. Athletics and sports are vital elements for overall development and are pursued with passion and zeal. We encourage all our students to discover and augment their sporting prowess by participating in inter-school, zonal, district and state level tournaments.

Zion firmly believes in eternal providence and is a privately financed institution.  We DO NOT accept or collect any external aid, capitation or donations as a pre-requisite for admission.

Our Mission

Zion’s mission is to provide each student a diverse tutelage in a secure and supportive environment that fosters self-discipline, enthusiasm and excellence in learning.  We travel the extra mile to bring out every child’s hidden talents by crafting a structured and disciplined, yet sociable and accommodating atmosphere through our student-centered learning approach.

Our Vision

Our vision at Zion is to transform the novice minds of today into future scholars, leaders and pundits by instilling core values of tolerance, righteousness, compassion, benevolence and humility in a dynamic and enthusing academic environment.