The New Beginning!

The New Beginning! Last week Zion campus became an epicenter of laughter, joy, happiness and any other synonymous word that could be used to express the cheerful state that we were in. The reason….. “Graduation day” for our little ones in kindergarten. The function was magnanimous, with the presence of our founder Correspondent Kurian Abraham […]

The Curtain drops!

The Curtain drops! As the academic year draws to a close, the halls of our school echo with the memories and achievements of the past months. Students rush to complete final assignments, teachers meticulously grade exams, and anticipation fills the air as graduation approaches. Each classroom holds a tapestry of knowledge woven together through countless […]

Towards a brighter future

Towards a brighter future In recent years, the planet has witnessed unprecedented environmental changes, primarily driven by human activities such as deforestation, pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction. These changes have had a profound impact on biodiversity, leading to the endangerment and extinction of countless species worldwide. Protecting endangered species has become a critical priority […]

The ultimatum!

The ultimatum! As the school year reaches its culmination, students find themselves immersed in the whirlwind of final exams. The air is thick with a palpable mix of anticipation and anxiety as they diligently review notes, textbooks, and countless pages of class materials. The atmosphere is charged with the collective energy of a shared academic […]

Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together!

Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together! Zion campus buzzed early intro life last Saturday amidst a misty morning… but sudden gloomy climate wasn’t a concern as many shining smiles of our little ones brightened up the atmosphere and even the weather gods seemed to acknowledge the spirt! At Zion we always understand the importance of sports, […]

Bridging the gap between theory and application

Bridging the gap between theory and application School practical examinations play a crucial role in assessing students’ understanding and application of theoretical concepts. These exams provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to demonstrate their practical skills in various subjects such as science, mathematics, and technology. Practical exams not only test the ability to perform […]

Kabhi alvida nahi kahthe hai hum!

Kabhi alvida nahi kahthe hai hum! The school farewell party was a bittersweet celebration, marked by a blend of joyous laughter and teary-eyed farewells. Decorations adorned the venue, echoing the vibrant memories we shared throughout our academic journey. As speeches echoed sentiments of gratitude and nostalgia, we exchanged heartfelt wishes, promising to carry the camaraderie […]

Training the trainers!

Training the trainers! Financial literacy helps people in becoming independent and self-sufficient. It empowers you with basic knowledge of investment options, financial markets, capital budgeting, etc. Understanding your money mitigates the danger of facing a fraud-like situation. We at Zion understand this very well and so does CBSE in India. Hence the program on financial […]


Pongalooo Pongal! Pongal Day at our school was a vibrant celebration filled with cultural spirit and traditional fervor. Students came together to honor the harvest festival with enthusiasm and joy. The school campus is adorned with colorful kolams, and students, dressed in traditional attire showcased the rich cultural heritage of Pongal. Teachers and students joined […]