From ‘I know’ to ‘I can do’

Do you think practical learning can have a profound impact on students? Don’t you think doing things practically can improve learning experiences? It’s observed and scientifically proven that practical learning helps students in retaining information for a longer period of time. Practical learning improves understanding of the concept in a better way than hearing. At an early age, students start learning practically with various activities such as playing outdoor and indoor activities, creating models and structures, even by observing things in their surroundings, etc. As we understand the importance of practical knowledge at Zion School, we impart an in depth knowledge and practical skills in our students through an effective practical education not only in Science (physics, chemistry and biology) but also in mathematics, geography and languages too. Equipped with,

👉 Efficient staff

👉 Effective program and

👉 Enriched lab facilities

Zion campus is one of the best places to receive practical education with perfection. Come, join us at Zion School Campus, Kodaikanal and experience the effectiveness of practical education. Let’s change education from ‘I KNOW’ to ‘I CAN DO’.