Learning to have fun…

No books, no home work or assignments, fresh air, singing, dancing, playing, beautiful scenery, shopping, snacks, food and nourishments… this has been the theme of Zion Campus for the past one week.

School picnics are full of with great fun. Just like our school friends and experiences we have during our school life the memories of school picnics are also one to be cherished for a lifetime. The amount of fun we have on school picnics is simply unmatched. We in Zion School have been trying to produce such memories for long time. In fact picnic has become a tradition. Kindergarten to grade 10, all the students were taken to various places like Moir point, Rose Garden, pine forest, pillar rock, and Bryant’s park.

It was an wonderful opportunity for students and teachers alike to relax refresh and strengthen their bonding too. Students had great time with their friends and classmates. The amount of joy they experienced was evident from their faces. For such wonderful experiences Zion School is the right place to be. So, join us in Zion School Campus, Kodaikanal and enjoy the flavor of picnic at its best.