The school is an epitome of discipline and the morning assembly plays a vital role in bringing up the discipline in students.  Our school resembles a holy place at morning assembly. One can find the whole environment with serenity. Teachers and students procession resembles the ants marching towards food.  Yes!!!  We marched towards the food of wisdom and knowledge.

  Our Physical Education Teacher is very careful about discipline and proper order in the morning assembly.  The school gates will be closed both for teachers and students at 8.45 am to remind the late comers to be punctual next time. Our PET blows a whistle and the students stand in prayer position. The Captains and the School Pupil Leader will take charge of the assembly. The assembly begins with a our choir singing our school song ‘ We are the light of the world….. ‘Their voice is so sweet and impressive that everybody enjoys perfect peace of mind. Next comes, ‘Bible Reading’ . To enrich students knowledge ‘Word of the Day’ will be read along with its meaning and usage. ‘Thirukkural’ and its meaning will be given. To keep our students updated with current affairs we have ‘Today’s News Headlines’ .Sometimes the gathering will be addressed by the Principal. Certain important announcements will be given. There are presentations of awards if any. The mischievous students are warned. Cleanliness will be checked. An assembly is a suitable occasion to exchange views on subjects of common interest. Sometimes students also speak on burning issues. Songs are sung and poems are recited. The latest achievements of the school are highlighted. At times, some teacher is asked to give a talk. This occasion is also used to give physical exercise to students at week-ends. In this way an assembly serves more than one purpose. It ends with a national anthem. The students will disperse quietly to their classrooms. Morning assembly inculcates moral values and it infuses a spirit of discipline in students.

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