A special language

A special language.  At Zion International school we teach English, we teach Tamil, we teach Hindi and we teach French… But above all, we teach a special language, an universal language of mankind… A language which, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies. Yup! You guessed it right. It […]

It’s time to compete!

It’s time to compete! “It’s nice to have valid competition, it pushes you to do better” – Gianni Versace. Living true to these words, Students of Zion International School never miss an opportunity to compete. This was evident this week with our students when they participated in the Rotary Club competitions. Our students participated in […]

The School Assembly

The school is an epitome of discipline and the morning assembly plays a vital role in bringing up the discipline in students.  Our school resembles a holy place at morning assembly. One can find the whole environment with serenity. Teachers and students procession resembles the ants marching towards food.  Yes!!!  We marched towards the food […]

We Are Back…

We are back… The school bell is ringing loud and clear… The vacation is over and the school is here! Yes, ten days of holidays, festivals even the India – South Africa Cricket tournament has come to an end. It’s time to get back on track. But Students of Zion Campus have always enjoyed being […]

My garbage, my responsibility

My garbage, my responsibility “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold”. Yes indeed, Do you know that the slurry, sewage water can be used to lit up 100 bulbs for 10 hours? Do you know that the sludge (biodegradable solid waste) can be used in organic farming? The city of Kodaikanal has decided not to […]

Hello Everyone!!!

Hello Everyone!!! Today we are here with a different story. There are days you try to start off with a smoothie in the colour of radioactive swamp water. And yes “snacking” On seven almonds is good for hearts… But our hearts always long for cheese fries. An idle mind may be devil’s workshop. But, an […]