Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together!

Zion campus buzzed early intro life last Saturday amidst a misty morning… but sudden gloomy climate wasn’t a concern as many shining smiles of our little ones brightened up the atmosphere and even the weather gods seemed to acknowledge the spirt!

At Zion we always understand the importance of sports, especially for the kindergarten, and the Junior classes till grade five. Junior Sports Day not only promotes physical activity but also instills valuable life skills, teamwork, and a spirit of resilience in these young participants. It’s a day that not only promotes fitness but also reinforces the sense of community within the school.

Our School Junior Sports Day was a vibrant celebration where young athletes showcased their talents. The field buzzed with energy as students participated in various specially designed events. The colorful array of uniforms, cheers from classmates, and the supportive atmosphere created lasting memories for the budding sports enthusiasts. Parents and teachers alike cheered on the sidelines, witnessing the determination and sportsmanship of the next generation of athletes.

Our chief guests, Honorable Correspondent Sir and Madam Correspondent made their magnanimous presence felt as they inspired the young winners with trophies and certificates. The prize distribution ceremony was special as senior students who excelled in academics, attendance and discipline were recognized and awarded with trophies and certificates which served as an inspiration to the young ones.

All in all, the Junior Sports day at Zion served as “Platform to perform” and Pedestal to propel themselves in Sports, Academics and Discipline for the students.

Where to witness such spectacles? Only at Zion! So join us at Zion Campus, Kodaikanal.