Ready….Set…. Go!

The first assembly at our school was a momentous occasion, filled with anticipation and excitement. The auditorium buzzed with the chatter of students and teachers, all eager to embark on this new journey together. The chief guest of the day, our honorable Correspondent Sir, Madam Correspondent, the guest of honour Mrs. Zareena Babu all adorned the stage admists cheers from students, parents and teachers present for the occasion.
The student leaders, school pupil leader, sports captain, the house captains and their deputies took charge, their oath was filled with goals and aspirations for the school community.
The ambience of the arena was ostentatious with the spirited performance by the school choir, their voices harmonizing beautifully and leaving everyone inspired. The prize distribution for winners of Indian talent Olympiad was moment of joy to the winners and a spark of motivation to all other students.
But more than anything… everyone present could feel the everlasting grace As our beloved Correspondent sir took the stage, a hush fell over the crowd, signaling the start of something special. He spoke with passion and warmth, welcoming everyone and setting the tone for the year ahead.
The event came to an end with the vote of thanks and the national anthem. Yes! it’s an inspiring start, Yes! it is special and Yes! It’s a statement that we have embarked on our Journey towards a glorious year with greetings from our well-wishers and Lord Almighty’s grace.
Join us at Zion School Campus, Kodaikanal and experience this exuberant journey of a thousand hearts towards tomorrow!
Until then, Que te lo pases bien (Have a great time)