The New Beginning!

Last week Zion campus became an epicenter of laughter, joy, happiness and any other synonymous word that could be used to express the cheerful state that we were in. The reason….. “Graduation day” for our little ones in kindergarten. The function was magnanimous, with the presence of our founder Correspondent Kurian Abraham Sir, Madam principal and the parents.

On kindergarten graduation day, the air was buzzing with excitement as the little graduates, adorned in miniature caps and gowns, filled the room with their infectious energy. Parents beamed with pride, cameras flashing to capture every precious moment. Each child, with their bright eyes and eager smiles, took center stage, showcasing their newfound knowledge and skills acquired throughout the year. As they received their diplomas, cheers and applause filled the air, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of many more adventures to come. It was a day filled with joy, nostalgia, and boundless hope for the bright futures ahead.

This kind of joyous moments can be witnessed even at the very end of an academic year only at Zion Campus, Kodaikanal. So make the right choice. Join us!