Training the trainers!

Financial literacy helps people in becoming independent and self-sufficient. It empowers you with basic knowledge of investment options, financial markets, capital budgeting, etc. Understanding your money mitigates the danger of facing a fraud-like situation.

We at Zion understand this very well and so does CBSE in India. Hence the program on financial literacy and retirement planning,  was very effective. The trainer Mr.Mohana Harish an ardent Charted Accountant and sort after auditor of many Corporates and also a proud alumni of Zion Schoolgave an interesting, informative and intriguing session that was very helpful to all the participant teachers of the program.

“A sharp axe reduces half the effort” a well planned future gives a stress free present… here we are, teachers of Zion are ready and steady to give their best to the students who come here to study!

So, Join us and enjoy the most stress free environment possible for your ward.

Guten’ Aben!