23 August 2023 was a golden day in the books of History for ISRO and every Indian who witnessed the astonishing feat of Chandrayaan-3 our lunar probe landing on the moon. 

The expectation on Chandrayaan was very high. What many super powers couldn’t achieve was done so spectacularly by India. The entire nation was watching this spectacle and so was Zion International School. But we did it even more elegantly and enthusiastically.

Thanks to Dr.E. Ebenezer Chellasamy and Prof. R. Ramesh from Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. Our students were able to witness the moon landing of Chandrayaan on a giant screen which gave a near realistic experience to our students. Students also learned more about the lunar mission and importance of it from the scientists and professors at the observatory.

Even the jubilant football teams of our school witnessed the landing at the school campus via livestreaming and enjoyed the moment of magnanimity.

Yes, It is was the day, it is our time, it is a golden period of glory as proud Indians
Jai Hind!