Princess of hills…

Princess of hills… So, what shall we talk about? We all know the exuberance of Zion School as an Adobe of excellence in education. But the location of Zion School, Kodaikanal, has its own flavor. During the monsoon season, Kodaikanal transforms into a lush, green paradise as the rain breathes life into the surrounding hills […]

Let the race begin

Let the race begin Olympiad competitions are prestigious events that showcase the intellectual prowess of students in various academic disciplines. From mathematics and science to literature and linguistics, Olympiads provide a platform for young minds to push their boundaries and excel. Participants engage in rigorous preparation, solving complex problems, conducting experiments, and demonstrating a profound […]

Applause and Appreciation!

Applause and Appreciation! Achievement is the fruit of dedication, perseverance, and hard work. When we take a moment to appreciate the journey behind an accomplishment, we not only acknowledge the end result but also the countless hours of effort invested. Zion International School, took up the initiative to celebrate its achievers.. It was long due, […]