Jingle bells …. Jingle bells…. Jingle all the way!

During winter vacation, the world transforms into a serene landscape. Families gather around sharing stories. The air is filled with the laughter of children and the joyful sounds of winter festivities. It’s a time for reflection, relaxation, and creating cherished memories with loved ones.

Winter vacation is a magical escape from the routine of daily life. Zion School Campus is no exception to this blissful celebration of Christmas and New year ahead. Yeah! The campus may look empty, but we will cherish this season of holiday. Students and teachers will use this much needed break to recharge themselves and prepare for the challenge of final exams that will come charging at us in the bright and beautiful New year.

Almighty’s grace, blessings from the well wishers and hard work of the teachers and students will surely bring us great glory this New year.

With that promise, Zion family wishes everyone a merry Christmas and happy New year!