Navigating the Maze

Navigating the Maze Examinations play a pivotal role in education, but their form and function are subject to ongoing scrutiny and adaptation. The key lies in crafting assessment methods that not only measure academic knowledge but also nurture critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. the role and nature of examinations have evolved over time and so […]

“Kaleidoscope of Smiles: A Children’s Day Extravaganza at Zion”

“Kaleidoscope of Smiles : A Children’s Day Extravaganza at Zion” Children’s Day celebrations are a delightful reminder of the innocence and potential that children embody, as well as a collective effort to ensure they grow up in an environment that encourages their well-rounded development. Our school Children’s Day celebration was a vibrant tapestry of laughter, […]

Groove to the Beat

Groove to the Beat Dance is not just a form of self-expression; it’s a vibrant and joyful way for children to explore their creativity and physical abilities. Zion Intra school dance competition was an epilogue to this. The competition was a colourful display of groove to the beats. The student participants, audience and the teachers […]