Oh Examination…

Examining oneself allows for the identification of strengths and flaws as well as the chance to learn from past errors. Any field takes commitment, hard work, and the capacity to execute well under pressure for success. Examination gives you that opportunity. It is the 4th month of the academic year and its time for Quarterly […]

Time to pack your snacks

Excursions are must, especially for students. They have a great educational value. Apart from educating students and exposing them to various experiences, it is a great time of recreation. It is the day all students wait for eagerly. At Zion, we don’t make our students wait. Following the visits from senior students to the Indian […]

Up…up…on the way!

Science exhibitions are an excellent approach to promote and investigate scientific concepts and advances. These displays allow students to share their knowledge and new ideas with the everyone. At Zion we understand this precisely and that’s the reason we had our Science exhibition last week. The main objectives of organising the Science Exhibition were: 👉 […]