Correspondent Dr. Kurian Abrahamis a charismatic, spirited and revered citizen of Kodaikanal. Zion is an outcome of his childhood dream to institute an establishment that provides world-class education with no compromise in quality. His multifarious talents and ingenuity have won him several accolades across diverse platforms as evidenced by his widely acclaimed Mayoral campaign from 1996-2006 as Chairman of Kodaikanal municipality. Despite the unfathomable challenges he faced as an Independent Candidate, the city recorded unprecedented economic growth, chronicled unmatched infrastructural advancements and Kodaikanal transformed into a hub for tourism and scenic beauty. As the Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society in Kodaikanal since 1992, numerous residents have benefited from his medical camps, insurance schemes, educational scholarships, sanitary drives, water provisions and welfare systems. As the Chairman of the Indian Pentecostal Church since 2008, 13 churches have been planted under his leadership in and around Kodaikanal for God’s glory. His iron will, vigorous courage, thirst for excellence and sheer grit have guided Zionists since the institution’s inception and continues to play an integral role in the school’s success.