Holidays are over, preparation has already taken place so now it’s time to get into a new academic year. Yes, the holidays are almost over. In a weeks time the campus is again going to be gushing with laughter, chats, and smiling young faces of our students.

The question is are we ready for another exciting year? Are the teachers prepared? Is the campus ready to host another batch of enthusiastic Young Minds? The answer is YES! We are ready and raring to go. We have accomplished so much last year. But that was not our bench mark. It was just our pit-stop. With the support of management, encouragement from our beloved Correspondent sir, we are up for the challenge awaiting us.

It is going to be a flamboyant year ahead. Join us to be flabbergasted by the numerous events, achievements and wonders that are going to unfold. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us at Zion Campus, Kodaikanal.