16 June 2023, the day to remember in the history of Zion. Not only because it’s our school investiture ceremony, not just because of the first assembly of academic year 2023-24. But because of the personalities that preceded over the event. Three generations of magnanimity. Our charismatic Founder correspondent, beloved Executive correspondent and the future of Zion, our Junior all on stage was scenic. Adding to the occasion was the blessings from Pastor Sabu Philip from Trivandrum. Even the regular routine of flag hoisting, pledge and prayer looked pulchritudinous on this ostentatious occasion. The energetic new office bearers took charge with glee and even more charged were they after the enticing speech on success by our Executive Correspondent Sir. No event feels complete without encouraging words from our Founder correspondent sir and Wow! What an epitome of encouragement he is!

If the morning was fabulous, the evening was fantabulous with the birthday celebration of our beloved Madam correspondent at Le Poshe. The well-wishers, the staff and everyone present at the celebration were touched by the grace of Lord Almighty. It was an evening where our hearts were filled with wishes and gratitude for our Madam correspondent, Founder correspondent sir, Executive correspondent sir, our Junior correspondent and the entire family. That wasn’t all. If our hearts were filled with sincere wishes our tummies were filled with sumptuous dinner that evening. We believe that this is just the beginning of the array of celebrations that are waiting to happen at Zion campus.

So what are you waiting for -pack your bags, mark your destination, Join us at Zion School campus in Kodaikanal.