Quiz competitions encourages constructive dialogue among participants so they can benefit from one another. When it happens in Zion School campus, it adds flavours such as competitiveness, compassion and sharpness among students along with knowledge about various fields of importance.

INTACH organized a inter school quiz competition in which 6 major schools from Kodaikanal participated. Our students took part in it with full involvement, excitement and enthusiasm. Our Zion school students were the runners up in the quiz that lasted three eventful rounds. The event was preceded over by Mrs.Sunayna Choudhury with Mrs. Zareen Babu as keynote speaker.

The eventful day was exceptional, thanks to the efforts of Zion School management for its support in the arrangements and support. Excitement never ends at our Zion International School all year long. So, be a part of the excitement…. join us at Zion School Campus, Kodaikanal.